Latest News

Brand New Website

A new website has been built, Entirely from scrach with much more stability and ease of use, Here is what has changed :

Voter Subscription

  • Plan limit have been changed from 3 to 5 links per plan.
  • Basic price is $30 for 1st link, Only $10 for each additional link.
  • Possible to have as many plans as you need.
Captcha Solving

  • New Cpatcha solving system, With Key-Based authentication.
  • Charging for solved captchas has changed from Credits to USD decimals.
  • Full new API have been built for faster and more stable solving.

DVT Voter Updates

Major changes and updates were applied to the DVT Voter software, Which will guarantee much more stability, ease of use, and better voting results.

System Updates

  • New and more detailed output explains what happend during a full vote process.
  • Threads limit have been increased from 20 Threads to 50 Threads per instance.
  • Core improvements for more stable and un-detectable voting emulation.